I am a strong believer that self-care should be on the top of everyone’s priority list. If you’re not finding ways to make it a daily or weekly practice, definitely make it a monthly practice. Self-care can be something as simple as a 5-minute meditation, walk or taking the day to pamper yourself.

The journey of parenthood has made self-care that much more important to me and do I try my best to include self-care practices in my daily routine. For the most part, my schedule of self-care is an indulgence once a month in a day of mental, emotional and physical recovery. A couple months ago my husband and I shared a day of self-care at Replenish Spa. It is one of those places that when you enter you can immediately feel the energy of healing and connection, which I believe is a reflection of the mission of its creation. Replenish The Spa Co-op is a local, family owned yoga spa. They are co-owned and created by two sisters and mom, inspired by love and passionate about giving. If you are looking for a place and community that feels like home, I couldn’t recommend them more!

Photo Credit:  Rachel Joy Barehl

Photo Credit: Rachel Joy Barehl

What is your mission and purpose for Replenish?

Replenish is a grassroots revolution in the midst of city life, here to awaken the community to live a more connected, and beautiful everyday life.

The business is the result of love, hard work, and dedication. Replenish was birthed from the idea of having a cooperative business, bringing our natural gifts to the table and allowing for them to be cultivated. Chanelle is a yoga instructor, Deja is an esthetician by trade, and Wauvette is a massage therapist. The collective work and passion created something bigger than all of us.

You’re a family owned and woman owned business, can you explain how you navigate both of those realms from a business standpoint? What influence does this have on the connection you make with your clients and the community?

We are a refuge for women, and we stand in that. As a women owned business, we are always mindful of how we are creating space for women to be well. We believe that when we are well, the world follows. One of the things that makes our space unique is we have a dedicated childcare space for our tribe above our yoga studio. We stand in being mothers, business owners, sisters, daughters, friends, and community members. When we can create space for all our many roles to be more fluid, it creates a greater impact on our communities. Our retail space is filled with products created by other women owned and conscious businesses. We believe there is enough for us all and when we support women and their wholeness, we create more love.

What type of services and supports does Replenish provide to its clients?

We provide all customizable spa services by time. It is truly an experience and we always begin with a cup of tea and conversation. Our spa house offers massage, waxing, organic manicure and pedicures, energy, reflex, makeup, and facials.

Our yoga carriage is a hub for the community, where we offer donation based yoga classes and conscious programming. Our donation based model is rooted in reciprocity. We believe that all people deserve a space, so we make yoga and meditation accessible. Suggested donation is $15 for a 60-minute practice; however, you can give whatever your heart feels. If you only have $5 to give for a class, we believe that is just as beautiful as the person who chooses to donate $30 to create space for another human.

Replenish is also the perfect space to gather, connect, and celebrate. From spa gatherings to private rentals, we can customize all events to speak to your intention.

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Photo Credit:  Rachel Joy Barehl

Photo Credit: Rachel Joy Barehl

Can you explain how you serve families throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journeys?

As a mama owned business, we are mindful of always creating space for women throughout all phases of pregnancy. Providing you a little extra time to sit and relax, or assuring that you’re comfortable throughout the service. Oftentimes women just need a space to relax and feel heard. We also have a tribe member who provides pregnancy and birth support to our expectant tribe members.

There was strong intent to have Replenish in the midst of the city, can you elaborate on the purpose behind this choice?

We are teaching the world to look at peace differently. We are redefining what peace looks like. Instead of a long vacation, perhaps you consider peace as a cup of tea while watching your children play outside. Or practicing yoga while there are babies upstairs. If we can’t find peace where we are, with what we have, we won’t find it on the mountaintop either ☺

What’s next for Replenish, how do you see yourselves growing and evolving?

We have grown quickly from three to a bustling business of 20 plus employees, with now two locations, our downtown hub, and new Clintonville location. We look forward to sinking in more to our root system and providing more love and support through this self-love revolution.

What action would you like readers to take after reading this?

Self-care requires action. And you deserve that love and care. We’d love to support your self-love journey. Visit us downtown at 124 S. Washington or in Clintonville at 3726 N. High Street. Check out www.replenishwith.us to learn more about experiences and yoga offerings.

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Is there anything else you would like to leave the readers with?

YOU are enough. Create beauty simply by being you.