I thought my love for my husband had reached capacity until I saw him love our daughter! His love for her began way before the day of her birth. The day we found out we were pregnant he was the one who waited in the bathroom for that lovely stick to change to a plus sign. He was the one who reminded me daily throughout my pregnancy that I was beautiful and growing the greatest gift he could ever receive. His arms were a constant support throughout her birth and continue to hold our family tight.

I recently discovered that the word "father" is both a noun and a verb; thus being a verb, it requires action. This definition I believe is a true reflection of what it means to have and be a father. A father's love must be present, in the moments that matter for their children. It must be observant of the moments to teach their children the same type of self-less love.

The thing is a father's love doesn't begin from the womb it begins in their heart. It stirs and shifts with the growth of their child. It beats with them for their successes and beats for them in hard times. When love starts in the heart it's tender, it's carefree, it's compassionate, it makes sacrifices and most of all that love is strong! That type of love is irreplaceable.

To all the fathers - stepfathers, adopted fathers, uncles and those who may not have an official title or name and yet still love, Happy Father's Day! May your heart be full and your soul beaming with joy.