Family Support
Before and After Your Baby is Born



Family Support
Before and After Your Baby is Born

Meet Laurel Gourrier


I am a native of Ohio, but have called many places home. My doula journey began after the birth of my daughter. In that experience, I was able to have my dream birthing team that included my loving husband, parents, in-laws, and a dear friend.  Their support helped guide me and encourage me through her birth. The experience opened my eyes to how powerful birth can be.  I want to provide families with information and tools to help them feel empowered by their own birthing experiences. 

Over the past 6 years I have served as a special education teacher, specifically working with those diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. This work overlaps with my vision for serving families as a doula. As a special education teacher and doula, it’s important to:

  • Build trusting relationships with those in their most vulnerable state;
  • Collaborate with a team;
  • Identify and implement the best resources in helping an individual’s needs;
  • Work with individuals with a wide range of abilities; and
  • Empower others to be their best selves.

The same essentials that went into my professional work for the past six years are the same as those that go into my current work as a doula. 

Training / Certifications:

  • Doula Trainings International (DTI) Birth and Postpartum Doula Training
  • Rebozo Connection: Gena Kirby

Professional Affiliations:

  • Birthworkers of Central Ohio
  • Central Ohio Doulas (COD)





My Role As Your Doula

LG Doula strives to provide care that meets your family’s unique and individualized need. As no two people’s life story is the same, I believe that is the case for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journeys for each birthing family. I will use the individual connection I have developed with your family to help you create a story that facilitates growth and joy through this journey.

I have no agenda for your birth, I want your voice to be heard. I am there for your family in any capacity that you need me. I can help you understand the options and resources available to you and assist you in using that knowledge to make a decision that fits best for your family. I will be your biggest cheerleader, but I will also support changes you choose to make at any stage of your birthing journey. 

I believe that all types of births are important and worth being celebrated and valued. LG Doula believes that no matter who you are, you have the right to be an active participant. With that, LG Doula wants to be an asset and ally to birth inclusivity. 






Prenatal Support & Education

Prenatal Support Only Package $200

Perhaps you have done your own research and have decided not to have a doula attend your birth. However you desire some assistance in navigating your options and preparing for birth and baby. 

This includes my prenatal services as a doula:

  • Information about birth and birth choices 
  • Identify helpful literature and resources for your specific needs
  • Discuss your birth preference and vision
  • Address fears and concerns
  • Learn baby feeding basics
  • Practice comfort and coping techniques
  • Identify any other concerns or advice related to this new transition


Birth Package $700

A doula is one who supports families physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally through pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum. As each family is different, this support is tailored to their specific needs. My goal as a birth doula is to help you achieve a birth journey and story that is lead by your own voice.

My birth services include but are not limited to two prenatal visits for us to connect and become comfortable with each other. We will discuss your birth preference and vision, address fears or concerns you and your partner may be having, learn baby-feeding basics, and practice comfort and coping techniques. Beginning at 37 weeks, that support will be continuous and on-call. 

During labor I will provide continuous support throughout your birthing journey and will stay until everyone is settled and comfortable. My birthing package includes postpartum follow up to discuss and help with recovery, assist with breastfeeding, newborn care and offer referrals if needed.  

Postpartum Support

$30/hour with 2 hour minimum

Offers families love, educational and emotional support to help ease their transition into life with a newborn. Whether it's your first baby or third (or more!), a postpartum doula can nurture your transition and empower your family as a unit, all while welcoming the new member of the family. 

Every visit will be tailored to meet your family’s specific needs. This may include:

  • Care of baby so you can nap, shower, eat or just rest
  • Sibling integration, attention and playtime (if needed)
  • Assist with newborn care-swaddling, calming, bathing and feeding
  • Breast and bottle-feeding support
  • Baby wearing and diapering education
  • Meal Prep
  • Answering your parenting questions and providing local resources

Blessingway Ceremony

Facilitator Fee $175

Blessingway ceremonies create a sacred and safe environment to honor who you are while exploring the challenges and joys that lie before you as you approach birthing and parenthood. Surrounded by the most important people in your life, gaining a sense of power, confidence and support that will help you rise to parenthood, while building the foundation of your village. While these celebrations have been observed and adapted from the traditional Native American Blessingway; a sacred fertility rite to honor a woman's transformation through pregnancy and childbirth into motherhood, your celebration can be guided by you while honoring this sacred tradition.

These ceremonies can be easily tailored to suit your spiritual preferences and tailored to your journey. Common aspects of this event include:

  • A sharing circle to express hopes, fears and dreams and receive support and encouragement as you move toward the event of your birth
  • Accepting symbolic gifts which often turn into art of jewelry for you to draw strength from while in labor
  • Nurturing and honoring activities such as herbal foot bath, massages or painting the belly with henna
  • Sharing positive and inspiring birth stories from guests
  • Honoring elders/ancestors births and asking for their strength

As facilitator I will work alongside the hostess, or as the hostess, to select specific rituals best suited for supporting your needs. Based on those rituals and your desires, I will assist the hostess in planning the event surrounding the ceremony including invitations, appetizers, music, supplies and setup of a sacred space. On the day of, I guide the circle of support in a ceremony honoring you.

*This can also be planned as a surprise, sponsored by friends and family*

Beyond Birth Services

Price dependent on service

If you are looking for additional support, here are other areas I can guide you:

  • Education for older siblings of what to expect during the birth or once baby arrives home.
  • Support for siblings who have been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum or who may have other special needs that need consideration
  • Help with creating a registry, focused on baby essentials
  • Preparing the partner for support
  • Preparation and guidance for returning to work post-birth


What Families are Saying About Laurel Gourrier


What Families are Saying About Laurel Gourrier

-Kristen Kiel Wienecke

Laurel was my doula for the birth of my son on September 27th, 2016. During my pregnancy, Laurel served as an unconditional source of support as I dealt with severe pregnancy sickness and nauseous for the entirety of my pregnancy. She consistently checked in with me to gauge my emotional and physical health and offer invaluable insight and suggestions. She met with my husband and I few times during the pregnancy to plan for the type of birthing experience we sought. Although Laurel relocated to Ohio before my son's due date, she made the trip to the DC area to be with me during the labor, delivery, and post delivery process. Laurel showed my husband how to apply pressure to deal with pre-labor and labor pains. She helped track my contractions at home which allowed me to labor in the comfort of my own home for as long as possible prior to my water breaking. At the hospital, the nursing staff were unresponsive to some of my needs upon arrival. Laurel served as my advocate and helped quell my concerns about the lack of compassion and assistance I was getting from the labor and delivery nurses. During the actual delivery, she monitored my contractions, helped position me, held one of my legs, and provided me feedback about the quality of pushing. My son was born within 35 minutes and I feel the process was seamless in part due to Laurel's assistance.

Laurel stayed with my husband and I for one night after we got home from the hospital. She helped set up baby materials in various locations in our home for easy use and convenience. She showed me how to use some of my baby wearing items. Even after she left our home, she made herself available to answer questions I had on breast feeding. Furthermore, if she did not know the answer, she consulted other doulas to give me the best options.

I will be forever grateful for the help, encouragement, support, compassion, and love Laurel showed for the birthing process. More so, her work as a doula allowed me to have an unforgettable and positive birthing experience. She will forever be an important part of my family's life.

Overall and most important, Laurel served as an advocate during the day of delivery. She was very active and engaging with the hospital staff while managing and supporting my labour. She ensured that my birth plan was being followed by asking hospital staff questions and ensuring that I knew exactly what was being done as my labour intensified, I could not have asked for a better coach. She rose to the occasion!

-Modupe & Eric Qayyim






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-Laurel Gourrier