In the prep for Naomi’s arrival, I knew that I wanted to nurse her, and knew that I wasn't going to be shy about doing it in public. That being said I also felt that I wanted to maintain some privacy. Nursing was something that was so intimate to our relationship and I didn’t want all of that to be exposed to everyone.

I tried lots of different cover-ups for nursing - a swaddling blanket, a jacket or sweater I happened to be wearing that day, other brands of nursing covers, and if all else failed, basically tucking Naomi away into my shirt as best I could. All those options helped but weren’t actually getting the job done. Naomi was and still is a squirmy eater, let's just say she likes to really get involved with her food. In the beginning, we were also dealing with latching issues, so nursing took a lot of precise positioning and the need to be able to allow Naomi and I some flexibility with finding the sweet spot. That meant I needed a cover that could manage her movements but also cover us both completely. Through my frustration I began a search to find a cover that could do this, I came across Covered Goods and instantly knew it was perfect and I had to have one! (or two…)


It’s a 4-in-1 cover! I appreciated that I would be able to use it for my nursing needs but also as a car seat cover, stylish scarf, and a cart cover when making our shopping runs. I knew that If I had it, I would be “covered” throughout the whole day. The fabric is soft, comfortable, breathable (even on hot days I knew Naomi wasn’t going to overheat) and stretchy without any extra parts to get in the way.

It provided all-over coverage, front and back. That added with the stretch meant that Naomi wasn’t able to kick it off, but still had room to move around. This was really beneficial in those times when I was standing in line or in a packed area and Naomi was ready for a meal. I could wear it over one shoulder or both. The neck is flexible so it didn’t stay open when people were walking by, but I could still sneak a peek in to check on Naomi.

Other aspects I loved were that I could easily just throw it in the diaper bag or my purse, so I could have it when I needed it on the go. It was easy to clean! Since it was machine washable I would just wash it with the rest of Naomi’s laundry. You can wash them in cold water and tumble dry low heat or if you prefer hang them to dry. If you’re wondering about sizing; the size is “one size fits most.” As shown on their website, they are about 64” circumference at the bottom, the top is contoured to 14.5” wide at the neck line, and they are 30” long. Of course with stretch these measurements can differ a bit.

With covered goods, they have a pattern or style that will fit everyone. As a 4-in-1 product, the price and value can’t be beat! With children, you learn fairly quickly that simple is best. Covered Goods meets many needs and is all wrapped up in one wonderful product! Click on the link and get yourself or/and a friend one! Covered Goods

"With Covered Goods™, you can truly nurse anytime, anywhere!"